Road pricing is a term invented by economists having a theory saying that the price of using a road should be equal to the cost of using the road. Following that theory the price should vary according to the cost of constructing and maintaining the road, the burden due to pollution and noise from the car driver, and finally the cost of taking up space on the road leading to delays for other car drivers.

In the real world it is not that easy to implement real road pricing. It is difficult to calculate what the right cost is and it is very costly, if possible, to implement a charging system that can adjust to all the given parameters.

Some cities are approximating the ideal though. Singapore has come quite far. They vary the charging during the day, depending on which in-road you use and finally they change the charge according to the overall traffic speed several times a year.

The purpose of this homepage is to provide citizens, politicians and journalists with some facts about the status of road pricing around the world. Here you will find information about the 12 road pricing systems in cities currently in operation world wide and an upcoming system in Stockholm.