November 29, 2005
Nationwide road pricing in England
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Local authorities were recently awarded £7 million to develop a charging scheme that will be used on the entire road network in 10-15 years. The £7 million will found studies to develop road pricing schemes in seven british cities.

The aim of these studies are to develop a road pricing method which could be used on the nationwide road network in about 10-15 years. This system will be more sophisticated than the charging system currently in use in London, which is based on a flat rate. This is not relevant since it doesn’t consider factors such as distance driven and when the road is used.

The aim is not only to lower the number of motordrivers currently congesting the roads, but also to suggest the drivers to drive when it isn’t rush hour. The new system will be based on GPS or electronic tagging to provide information about when the cars are driving where.

The seven areas taking part in this study are Greater Manchester, West Midlands, Tyne & Wear, Cambridgeshire, Durham, Shrewsbury and authorities around Bristol and Bath.

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