August 7, 2011
Road pricing for lorries reorganised
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The responsibility for the road pricing project for lorries moves from the Ministry for Taxation to the Ministry for Transport. The road network subjected to taxation shall no longer include the state road network but just the motorway road network. The technology will be DSRC (BroBizz) instead of a GPS based system.

Not much information has been given about the reasons for the reorganisation but it is assumed that the technology risk by creating a GPS based system might have played a significant role. A DSRC -system is known technology which is used in road pricing systems in for example Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland.

The main responsibility for the system will be placed at Sund og Bælt who also run the Great Belt Bridge and the Øresund Bridge solutions. Hereby, an organisation has been secured that are aware of the organisational and technological challenges which will be at the head of the solution. At the same time synergi is created by having to very identical systems running within the same organisation. Many lorries have already a solution with either BroBizz or EasyGo (the Scandinavian cooperation) which results in that relative few lorries must acquire a new box.

There are many advantages by giving the task to Sund og Bælt, but one big challenge remains and that is to avoid deviating traffic. Most of the motorways in Denmark are layed as a relief from stretch of a main road. Therefore, it would be evident for the lorries to use the free stretch of main road where lorries can drive up to 70 km/h instead of using motorways with road pricing. Austria does not experience this problem with parallelle roads to the same extend and in the Czech Republic the problem has been solved by using road pricing with DSRC technology on parallelle roads. 

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