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Tromsø in Norway is probably the only place in Europe where you find a local petrol tax. It is possible here due to the huge distances between the towns, because it means the residents of Tromsø will have to drive 70km (43.5 miles) to find a petrol station without local petrol tax.

From 1 July 1990 the petrol tax was 0.50 NOK for one liter of petrol, diesel and light diesel. By 1 January 1996 the tax was raised to 0.65 NOK.

The last day of the local petrol tax was planned to be 31 December 2003. Shortly after, however, it was reintroduced by the City Council from 1 July 2004. In 1995, Tromsø decided to prolong the petrol tax to 2008, and investigate the possibilities of prolonging it as far as to 2015